Call for interns under the Social Innovators programme



Under the Social Innovators programme, we are looking for an intern – associate/coordinator of projects and initiatives (student in 3rd, 4th or 5th year, in the following fields: sociology, cultural studies, European studies, humanities; good command of English).


FECE is a non-governmental organization registered in public benefit in 2014. Our mission is to support the development of culture, science, innovation and entrepreneurial qualities of young people by organizing creative initiatives in the field of arts, culture, new media and education. FECE is currently working on 10 international projects supported under the Erasmus + and Europe for Citizens programmes.


FECE’s team will provide a certificate of internship, a jointly agreed training programme and mentors. In connection with the distance form of study and work, it is permissible for the internships to be conducted online for students who are based outside Sofia.

By April 25, 2021, applications for participation in an internship lasting 80 hours, distributed in working hours, according to the abilities of the students, are accepted, but not later than August 2021. Until April 29, 2021. the approved participant will be announced, and by May 7, 2021, his training program will be jointly agreed with the mentor of the foundation.

The internship is paid – BGN 100 (one-time payment).

The internship is conducted under the guidance of a mentor, who will provide full assistance, within a few hours a day. Upon successful completion of 80 school hours, a certificate will be issued, as well as a document for recognition of the internship by the respective higher education institution.


Applicants are kindly requested to send their CV and short motivation letter to

The training practice, part of the SOCIAL INNOVATORS Programme in Bulgaria, is implemented within the Social Innovators project, funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the European Economic Area (EEA) Youth Employment Fund and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

Call for interns under the Social Innovators programme

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