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International Relations

We are building international partnerships and cross-sectoral collaborations with actors in the cultural, social, educational and youth sphere.

Education and Training

Our team has a long-standing experience in leading groups, working with young people, and using non-formal and informal learning methods (NFIL).

Project Development

Our expertise in the service of development and drafting of project proposals can be provided according to the specific needs and requirements of the client.

Event Management and PR

Our expertise in event management can be provided to the specific needs and requirements of the client.

Project management and coordination

Our team’s work is based on high-quality project work in terms of implementation, evaluation, and dissemination according to the set requirements in the Programme Guide. 

Our priorities

Culture & the Arts

We support with all means available the development of culture, we promote freedom of cultural
expression and create initiatives in different forms of art.

Culture & Creative Industries

We believe that the cultural and creative industries are comprised of all sectors based on promoting
cultural values and other artistic and collective creative expressions and thus, we encourage the
development of diverse cultural and art projects.

Youth Empowerment

We strive to empower youth to be active and to follow their passions. We guide youth through tools to
mutual collaboration, problem solving and reflections and encourage them to become self-reliant

International Colaborations

We empower different cultures and communities through intercultural dialogue. We work with partnersacross Europe and with different target groups and we have established a network of friends and like-
minded colleagues.

Human rights & EU Values

We work on promoting human rights and civil liberties, we believe in EU core values and in
strengthening democracy, solidarity, cohesion and active citizenship. We involve young people in the
democratic life by diverse projects promoting EU values.

Education & Training

Motivated professionals train and mentor youth to raise new skills and enhance their competences
based on non-formal educational methods and interactive tools.