The management of Foundation for Entrepreneurship, Culture and Education is executed by the cultural managers Nevena Dobreva, Ana Mihaela Tаrneva and Maria Rachinska. The team works in the field of digital arts, new media, cultural heritage, ecology, democracy and common EU values. We have organised many national and international initiatives. We have experience in the management of cultural events, festivals, concerts, research in the field of culture and trainings for young people.

Our team includes:


Studies: BA in Cultural Studies (Sofia University), MA in Media Culture (Maastricht University), PhD in Applied Cultural Studies (Sofia University) 

Languages: English 

Area of interest: Cultural management, entrepreneurship and policies, new media and communication, education and career development 

Relevant background: Nevena is an expert in cultural management, new media and entrepreneurship. She is conducting research and educational projects, performing monitoring and evaluation of funding programmes. She has more than 10 years’ experience in developing, managing and reporting national and European projects in the cultural, social and educational fields. She is dealing with the administrative process and strategic planning at FECE.

Studies: BA in European Studies, MA in Media Culture (Maastricht University)

Languages: English, Arabic

Area of interest: Non-formal education and training, new media and communication, volunteering and event management 

Relevant background: Maria is an expert in new media, project coordination and event organization. She has practical experience in managing and coordinating projects under Erasmus + and Europe for citizens programmes. She managed and trained participants in a number of youth exchanges and staff mobilities. She is an active defender of civil rights and works with young volunteers from different backgrounds. She provided mentoring to in-coming interns under various programmes and initiatives.

Studies: BA in Cultural Studies, MA in Management and Socialisation of Cultural Heritage (Sofia University) 

Languages: German, English 

Area of interest: cultural management, cultural heritage, education and career development, social activities 

Relevant background: Ana-Mihaela is an expert in managing cultural heritage sites, cultural policies and non-profit marketing. She is conducting social activities and developing projects and initiatives. She has more than 10 years’ experience in cultural and social fields. She is responsible for fund-raising and coordinates initiatives related to the inclusion of young people and children.