Our team offers various expertise in the domain of international relations, education, project management and implementation, networking, upskilling, and event organization.

FECE’s work is based on long years of experience in the cultural and creative sectors, gained in the development and implementation of national and international projects. FECE also works towards innovation, capacity building, and youth work. We have a rich database of developed projects, including access to high-quality human resources by specialists and project managers.

Our operational principles guarantee high quality and efficiency of project work. Each project initiation starts with recognizing the idea and preliminary planning with set intermediate performance criteria and clearly defined responsibilities of the team executing the order. 


We are building international partnerships and cross-sectoral collaborations with actors in the cultural, social, educational and youth sphere. Our team provides in-depth research of potential partners and networks for our clients. We have a big database of partner organisations across Europe and beyond and we can assist you in finding suitable and reliable partners and consortium creation for the implementation of your projects. 

Are you looking for somebody to lead your workshop, youth exchange or training? Our team has a long-standing experience in leading groups, working with young people, and using non-formal and informal learning methods (NFIL). 

We have the competencies and motivation to contribute to the improvement of the quality of youth work and we also train trainers to facilitate individual and group processes. 

Our expertise in the service of development and drafting of project proposals can be provided according to the specific needs and requirements of the client:

Identification of appropriate programs and calls for proposals to maximize accurate orientation of beneficiaries to a specific EU program to fund their ideas.

Drafting and writing of a whole project proposal with professional contribution from the identification and formulation of the problem, to the submission of the project proposal on time. Our approach is oriented according to the requirements and needs of our clients and we can assist in certain stages of the development and writing of the project proposal.

We offer you accompanying consultations during the preparation of the project, as well as during its implementation, evaluation, and reporting.

Targeted training - Our team of experts provides training for managers, experts, and specialists who do not have prior experience in project work under national and European programs.

Our expertise in event management can be provided to the specific needs and requirements of the client: 

Organizing events: Our team works with various stakeholders and is specialized in the production of press releases, social media posts, publications, and other promotional materials. We provide organizational support and full management of the desired event, including catering, renting halls, accommodation for participants, etc. 

Organizing conferences and forums: Our team has experience in holding conferences and works with various service providers, including schools and universities, venue owners, catering, and all key partners for the successful and professional organization of your events. 

Organizing training, round tables, and focus groups: Our experience shows us that small-scale meetings can be very efficient in different project cycles. Our team works with internal and external experts, providing high-quality project activities in various fields. 

PR and advertisement: Great advertising campaigns start with an informal chat and a cup of tea. When we have an understanding of your idea we then write your content, create the design and provide you with our vast databases of organizations.

Our expertise in the coordination and management of funded projects can be provided according to the specific needs and requirements of the client: 

Review and familiarisation with the Programme guidelines and any subsequent changes and annexes: Our team’s work is based on high-quality project work in terms of implementation, evaluation, and dissemination according to the set requirements in the Programme Guide.

Preparing working documents and action plans: Our team has proficiency with all administrative and operational documents, including management, implementation and dissemination plans, evaluation and monitoring documents, project reporting. 

Budgeting: Our team works with financial experts in the preparation of working documents and forms required for financial statements, financial plans, and budgeting according to the requirements of the donor. Individual preparation of budgets proposals at the request of the beneficiaries. Coordination of partners: We can provide continuous monitoring of the partner’s activities, including the drafting of partnership agreements, conducting regular communication with partners by email, Skype, phone or through any online platform. 

Reporting: Our team acknowledges the importance of a structured and in-depth report at each stage of the project cycle. We can prepare the interim and final technical and operational reports of our client’s projects. 

Carrying out activities for dissemination of project results: Our team loves dissemination and can assist in the preparation and translation of project materials (articles, news, announcements, posts, brochures, etc.), distribution of materials to target groups and audiences, presentations of the projects to stakeholders during events and promotional activities.