Erasmus+ Accreditation

In the next couple of years we will be working on developing and implementing projects on the listed objectives.

Objective 1 corresponds to solidarity as a unifying action to promote mutual support and encourage common EU values. FECE’s network consists of diverse NGOs working in the field of youth, training and volunteering, with a dedicated focus on promoting freedom, democracy, human rights and equality. One of FECE’s long-term goals is to participate in the scheme European Solidarity Corps. The current challenges have shown the need to establish a network of young people based on mutual understanding, shared responsibility and solidarity. The implementation of such projects and actions will raise awareness of solidarity and common EU values.

Objective 2 corresponds to setting a new entrepreneurial mindset and promoting the active participation of young people to answer to the contemporary challenges in our societies. FECE’s team has experience in developing the entrepreneurial qualities of young people and encouraging their active participation through various projects, actions and initiatives. Our goal is to continue improving the young people’s potential in line with the novelties of the Erasmus+ programme – virtual mobilities, support for vocational education, and innovations in teaching and learning methods.

Objective 3 corresponds to the development of culture and the support for youth creativity. Since its establishment, the foundation promotes freedom of cultural expression and empowers different communities through the arts, culture and education. Our goal is to continue to develop and implement diverse cultural projects and creative initiatives and, in this way, engage young people in the cultural and creative processes of their communities.

Erasmus+ Accreditation

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